Umbrellas - Better late than never
On 28 February, I posted about a product release and informed you that umbrellas would be part of that release. Unfortunately, there was a slight hiccup with the samples I received from the first umbrella company, which meant I didn’t have them available for listing at the time. I know some of you were eager to order them.

A little birdy gave me the details of a company that produces Umbrellas for L’Oreal Paris, and the results are fabulous. They are awesome! Small enough for your handbag but large enough to cover you when it is pouring rain👌

Unlike all my other products that were released as pre-order (the first lot of orders going out next week🥳), I ordered these upfront so those of you who wanted them wouldn’t experience further delays.

Dipping my toe in first time ordering umbrellas, I only purchased a dozen of each design. Available while stock lasts. Click to shop
April 08, 2021 — Orenda Joy Green