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Bush Tomato - Botanic Label

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Scientific Name

Solanum Centrale

Also Known As

Desert Raisin, Bush Sultana, or Kutjera

Indigenous Name/s

Kampurarpa by Pitjantjatjara people


Can be found growing through the central deserts of Northern Territory and South Australia.


Usually harvested when the fruit is sun dried. Bush tomatoes have a distinctive raisin tasting flavour with a strong spicy aftertaste.


Ground bush tomato: Indigenous Australians often made use of ground bush tomato, referred to as Akatjurra. With strong aromas of sun dried tomato, caramel, and tamarillo, ground bush tomato can be used with numerous recipes, or even on its own as a base for a sauce, dip.

Additional Info

The fruit is a rich source of minerals, particularly potassium, and they are also high in Vitamin C.


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