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Lemon Myrtle - Botanic Label

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Botanical Name

Backhousia citriodora

Also Known As

lemon scented myrtle, lemon scented ironwood, sweet verbena 


Subtropical rainforests of central and south-eastern  Queensland, with a natural distribution from Mackay to Brisbane.


delicate menthol essence and a strong lemon flavour


Lemon myrtle has both sweet and savoury applications.
It can be used instead of lemon grass in cooking, and is  popular in curries, pastas, cheesecakes, ice-cream, breads, dressings, sauces, drinks and syrups.

Additional Info

Lemon myrtles have been used by Indigenous Australians for 40,000 years, by wrapping the leaves in paperbark to flavour fish dishes, and to treat headaches by crushing and inhaling the leaves.

Also used as a remedy for coughs and colds, as an essential oil for the cosmetic industry. Lemon myrtle can be found in personal care products such as soaps, creams, toothpaste, shampoos and conditioners.

A source of calcium, potassium, vitamins A and E, magnesium and zinc. Lemon myrtle leaves also contain lutein that can assist with eye health.


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