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Sea Parsley - Botanic Label

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Scientific Name

Apium prostratum

Also Known As

Sea Celery


Can be found growing along the southern coastline of Australia.


As a coastal plant, exposed to sand, salt and composted seaweed, Sea Parsley has a peppery taste with hints of the ocean in its flavour.


A close relative to European Parsley, and used in the same manner for cooking as regular store bought parsley.

This plant is useful in soups, dressings, flavoured butter, with seafood and in white sauces

Additional Info

Sea Parsley sends up white clusters of flowers on umbels
(it is a member of the Apiaceae family known for umbel arranged flowers) in late spring with seeds that can be collected in mid-late summer.

Sea Parsley is rich in immune-boosting chlorophyll, antioxidants and skin-soothing nutrients. Its anti-irritant qualities make it ideal for after-sun care & sensitive skin types.


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