It has taken over four decades to reach a point of understanding that the universe, god, creator, higher power (whichever term you wish to use) always delivers people, events, synchronicities into your life that serves to help one expand consciousness, grow in awareness, and drive home the message that we are all connected. Not just connected in human brother/sisterhood but with everything we can perceive outside of ourselves.

Stay with me, there’s a reason I’m saying this. One such synchronicity occurred recently that I want to share with you. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll probably know I moved house recently. Whilst setting up the TV/DVD etc, I did something I haven’t done for many years, about 10 years, and that was to connect my TV to mainstream television. I just don’t watch it, in fact, I stay clear of it for many reasons. One being the constant fear mongering I perceive whenever I watch it. So it was definitely out of character for me to connect to it, but I’m so glad I did.

I flicked through all the channels, gobsmacked the same shows were still playing on repeat where I left off all those years ago. My stomach started to tense and I turned it off.😕 A day or so later when curiosity struck me to see what was on the box ( yep, I’m that old and they are no longer boxes 😄) I settled on watching Australian Story while having a Cuppa. Now here’s the reason for this long-winded post.

They were broadcasting a remarkable story that warmed my heart. It was about the Twinnies, identical twins Paula and Bridgette Powers, and together they have been rescuing and treating Pelicans and sea birds on the Sunshine Coast for more than 16 Years. Despite having personal health challenges, they persevere and do good in the world by giving love and care to birds in need.

The Twinnies have helped thousands of birds from numerous species all across the coast within their rehabilitation facility, and they also do community training with students in Queensland schools. Australian Story not only delivered a beautifully executed segment, they also highlighted the shoe string budget the Twinnies have to support their magnificent work. As soon as I saw what they were doing it spoke to my heart and I knew I had to do something to contribute to their cause and registered charity.

So here it is. Twinnies - Pelicans. An artwork featuring two pelicans on the beach. The proceeds from sales of this print will be donated to Twinnies Pelican and Sea Bird Rescue for the love and commitment they have for the birds they rescue. If you’re a bird lover like me, get your print today or pop over to to learn more about them.

P.S. The Television cable has since returned to a box in the cupboard. 😁💚

PROCEEDS GOING TO Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue.

Archival Quality
Fine Art Giclée Print
310gsm 100% Cotton Rag
Premium Pigment Inks
Digitally signed