Working from her home in Adelaide, South Australia, eco-friendly artist Orenda Joy Green creates art that is primarily inspired by nature, lived experiences, or containing a message she wishes to share with others.

With a background in graphic design, Orenda successfully began her art journey by producing hand-drawn digital art using Procreate software. As her work evolved, so did her desire to become more hands-on in the creative process, and thereafter, she began producing pieces in several mediums, including oil and synthetic polymers.

Feeling deeply connected to the natural world was all the impetus Orenda needed to educate herself about the long-term negative impact acrylic paint and other synthetic art supplies have on the environment. She vowed to only use supplies with a low eco-footprint and currently works with environmentally friendly watercolours, oil paint, inks containing earth-friendly water-based solvents, archival cotton rag, organic linen, and sustainable wood sources.

Orenda's style is an eclectic mix, ranging from finely detailed pieces to abstract artwork depending on subject and mood. Orenda says making art is equal to meditation, and she is often surprised by the end result, stating, "It all starts with an idea, then I receive a stream of information and images in my mind. When I actually get to the point of putting paint down, my mind checks out and I enter "the zone," which can last for several hours."

Orenda's future hopes are to continue producing pieces that have meaning not only for herself but for others, to continue highlighting the importance of the natural world and our connection to it, and to help uplift the lives and spaces of those who appreciate her work.